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Dungeon & Dragon (©2023)

This is a sequel to Reset. You don’t have to read it for this to make sense, but you should anyway. It’s really, really good.

Part 1 – Following his adventure in intra-body time travel, Scott Gray discovers that there area weirder places to be than back in junior high school!

Part 2 – Scott makes his way to town and witnesses the forced marriage arrangement between the fair Lady Giselle and the wicked Duke Noe of Kernia.

Part 3 – The mysterious person who’s been trailing Scott reveals themselves – but it’s not really a person. Scott gets a line on some serious room and board, but things again go awry.

Part 4 – Scott awakes chained up in filthy dungeon, where he comes face to face with the sinister mage, Anlar Ellas.