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For They Shall Hurt (©2022)

Chapter 1 – Carlos and Malcolm have been close friends for decades, but when Janet enters their lives, things get strained. Is it simply jealousy, or is something else going on?

Chapter 2 – Confused by Malcolm’s emotional distance, Carlos pays a visit to the “Karma Corner.”

Chapter 3 – There’s mayhem in the city as things get more tense between Carlos and Malcolm. Carlos prepares for a public performance.

Chapter 4 – Carlos gets an unexpected guest at the big Rood Boyz gig; Janet approaches him with a surprising proposition.

Chapter 5 – Troubled by his entanglement with Malcolm and Janet, Carlos seeks answers at the bottom of a bottle.

Chapter 6 – Carlos deals with his morning after, and make arrangements with Janet to “keep an eye” on Malcolm.

Chapter 7 – Carlos begins following Malcolm, and is surprised to discover what his friend gets up to when he visits one of the city’s large homeless camps.

Chapter 8 – Carlos’ surveillance of Malcolm continues. The lack of results has Carlos questioning his own motivations.

Chapter 9 – Janet talks Carlos out of giving up his surveillance of Malcolm – provided that she comes along for one final run. They quickly realize that something is amiss.

Chapter 10 – Things get incendiary as Janet and Carlos tail Malcolm one last time, and are shocked to discover what he gets up to down by the river’s edge.

Chapter 11 – After witnessing a savage murder by the river, Carlos tracks down Malcolm and gets the twisted explanation for his friend’s murderous behavior.