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Welcome to Sweet Weasel Words

Welcome to Sweet Weasel Words, home of author Crawford Smith.

I love writing, but am not particularly fond of creating and maintaining websites, so please be patient while I continue to beat this site into some sort of order.

My big project right now is rolling out two stories about a strange little town called Fester, Pennsylvania. The first is a novella called Powwows, about witchcraft and murder in the Depression.

See the Powwows page for more details and a preview.

Following Powwows will be a full-length novel called Fester. We are aiming to have this published in eBook and paperback on June 30. More to come soon!

Still available is the fascinating Jackrabbit. This is a historical crime novel about the latter career of Depression-era gangster John Dillinger. This criminal’s life was indeed stranger than fiction – so much so that I had to focus on only the last five months of it to keep from overwhelming myself and the reader. Check out the Jackrabbit page for details.