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Coming Summer 2021!

Welcome to Fester, Pennsylvania! Hope you enjoyed your little visit here. No doubt you’d like to see more of this picturesque little town and its gracious inhabitants. Well, you’re in luck! Coming soon, you’ll get to know more about Fester’s modern goings-on as well as its distant past. Of course, the Top Hats are still running the show, and there may be a powwower or two around, but there are so many more interesting denizens of Fester to meet! For instance, there’s Chief Constable Billy Snyder. He runs law enforcement in Fester, and keeps an eye on his town with a military-surplus periscope. There’s Cowboy Bob, a washed-up TV clown who deals weed on the side. There’s Paul Plummer, a love-lorn teen whose parents are being sucked away by sinister forces. There’s the Fell Circle of Mammon, the materialistic Satanists who would literally kill for a kitchen remodel. And what’s the story about the Wizard’s Woods, and what happened there in the distant past that earned it such an evil reputation?

Find out this summer in Fester