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Social Media? We Doan Need No Steenkin’ Social Media!

Okay, I created a Twitter page and a Facebook page for this endeavor. somewhat to my chagrin. No fan of social media, I. Hell, I bailed entirely on the whole concept last year when this whole Cambridge Analytica mess came out. However, I know it’s a requirement, if for no other reason not to look like some sort of prehistoric troglodyte.

So you can check out @S_W_Words on Twitter or @SweetWeaselWords on Facebook (ain’t doin’ Instrgram or anything else if I can avoid it – and I can). You’re not going to see anything there that you won’t see hear. Or perhaps anything at all if I can’t figure out how to automaticaly link the content from this website to those two social media platforms.

Grumble, grouse, piss, moan…

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